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Welcome to AJ Rose Hypnotherapy.

My name is Alina-Jane and I am a fully qualified & certified Hypnotherapist.

I am a full member of The National Hypnotherapy Society,

governed by The Professional Standards Authority. 

All National Hypnotherapy Society members are bound by its strict code of ethics.

Your hypnotherapist has to be the right fit for you! Always trust your instincts. 

Unfortunately, in the UK you don't have to be qualified or even trained to call yourself a hypnotherapist. When choosing your hypnotherapist, the NHS recommend you check that they are registered with a professional organisation that is accredited by the professional standards agency. 

There are many approaches to Hypnotherapy such as Solution Focused, Cognitive, Ericksonian, Hypnoanalysis, regression, suggestion and clinical. They all have their strengths but many hypnotherapist will only train in and focus on one approach.

I believe that every client is unique and that a 'one size fits' all approach is not appropriate. What works for one, may not be as effective for another.

 I am trained in all of these approaches so that, after a detailed consultation, I can devise a personalised treatment plan, utilising the aspects of each approach that I believe will be the most effected for each client.  

There are many reasons you might be visiting this site. Perhaps you want to stop smoking, lose weight or gain confidence. You may have a habit or phobia you need to eradicate or maybe you are just curious about Hypnosis and wonder how Hypnotherapy can improve your life.


What ever your reason, feel free to get in touch. I am here to help and answer any questions you may have. 

Update: Now taking office bookings. Strict measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone. The therapy room will be cleaned and surfaces disinfected before and after each session. Clients will be asked to bring minimal belongings and will be required to wash their hands before entering the therapy room. I will be wearing a face shield at all times and clients are encouraged to do the same. Further guidance will be given when booking.

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“Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right.”

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